Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy Birthd--

I will be revisiting two things that I was supposed to do and write about for my class on this blog: Serve someone who is more stressed than you and buy a stranger a coke.

I completed both of these but I did them again just to make sure that they get noticed! I will write about the first.

The way I served someone this week was a little different than before. This time I didn't take anyone to the grocery store who doesn't have a car nor did I do my roommates dishes. This is what happened...

I found myself sitting in the No "shhhhh" zone of the library in the thick of my studies. You could say I was stressed. I was with two friends finishing up an ISYS project (shout out to H-Griggy and Marshall), when I overheard a guy to my right. Now he was stressed. He was also studying in a group. He ex-com-plained (this is what happens when you complain and explain at the same time) to his study buddies, "today is my birthday and I am stuck here at the library!" H-Griggy had the idea of singing to him. I remembered this assignment of serving someone who is stressed and I thought to myself "PERFECT!" 

So Hannah got his name and we started belting. Marshall was too cool. I was confident the entire place would support us in this public service. After the first "Happy Birthday to You" even Hannah stopped. She couldn't breath/stop laughing. So I was on my own. I felt like everyone thought I was trying to be obnoxious and break a social norm; however, I continue my lovely solo. This was so much more than helping this guy have a happy birthday. It was me proving that I am not afraid to be heard. 

When I hit the bridge of the song I stopped for a second and realized that one girl on the other table was backing my up but she was singing pianissimo. I couldn't let her down. So I continued. The not so long song seemed to drag on and on. After holding out the last note, adding in a little vibrato toward the end as I usually do, the only thing I got from the audience was a blast of a can-we-continue-studying-negative-vibe. I decided at that point I would not continue with the customary hip hip hooray.  As a result I feel the service I rendered had a contrary effect to what my teacher was hoping for. To the random birthday boy Brian... sorry to ruin your big day...  Let it be a lesson to all as we prepare for Christmas this year. It truly is the thought that counts.

A miracle happened this week. Wednesday. The typical day. I finished work and then rode home on my bike. I ride down the hill that goes from the Marriott Center to Fat Cats. I got to my apartment and Spencer was sitting on the couch. I said hello as I walked in. When I lifted my bike up the front tire fell off. AHHHHHHH!!!!!! That is one of my biggest fears. I don't know if it was sabotage or what but I am so glad it did not fall off when I was riding. I think only my family can completely understand why I feel this way. Family when you hear the phrase "front tire falling of the bike" what image instantly comes to your mind? That is right. The one of our cousin Matt and after his bike accident and how you can't really tell he has a nose and there is blood all over his face.  I tightened the tires so hopefully it won't happen again. The rest of this week I drove to work.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Something wicked this way comes!

Finals... That is what the title of this post is describing.

We were given the challenge of helping someone out at the peak of our stress this week and then write about it. Pretty sure everything I did this week that was remotely close to helping someone else out only benefited me more.

Example: I invited some friends with out cars to go grocery shopping. In the end there were too many of us to fit in my car and I didn't even end up driving. Nicole did. Shout out to Niko!

My ward did a special needs carnival yesterday. Best 4 hours I have spent on a Saturday this semester.  Making popcorn on easy whip popper was a blast. Table spoon of oil, pinch of salt, and half cup of popcorn and bam. You got yourself a tasty bowl of popcorn. One of the highlights of the day was when someone put two cups of popcorn kernels in the pot instead of a half a cup.

Something funny happened this week. I was taking out some un-carved pumpkins to the dumpster and decided I wanted to smash them against the inner wall of the garbage can to see them explode. I had this bright idea after I had already tossed the first one in. I grabbed the second one and wound up for the pitch and threw that pumpkin as hard as a could.  One of the lids was down and the pumpkin hit the edge of the lid and came hurdling back at me. I made a quick head dodge and watched the pumpkin crack on the black top. I thought to myself. "ha ha whoa! I am glad no one was..."FAILURE!" My thought was interrupted by a girl. She was on the third floor of the apt building that faced the parking lot. She had been watching me out of her window. I just laughed and acted like I meant to do it.

Sorry for the random post!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving is over.

Come and gone. I woke up this morning excited that something great was coming. I remembered that Thanksgiving is over. I can't believe how fast it came and left.  Maybe it is my subconscious trying anyway to cope with the upcoming stress of school this week. Christmas is soon and the semester is almost over so how about I stop whining and share some highlights from the break.

Thursday: I am still sore from the turkey bowl. I should really consider playing football more than once a year. That or stretch once in a while. The only exercising I do is swimming and that is constant stretching in and of itself. After the turkey bowl we had a nice dinner. I was asked what my favorite thing was. This year I must say the rolls were superb. Shout out to Laur!

We played the usual games. Oh Heck (Known to some as Oh Jelly Beans). Moment of the night was when Meridith was caught redhanded holding on to her cards. I must say that it is an original/secure way to not take any tricks. My strategy to win in Smashing Pumpkins was definitely not accepted and it did not work as well as Mer's strategy in Oh Heck. Smashing Pumpkins is also known as celebrities. Everyone writes nouns on little pieces of paper. All of the papers are put in a bowl and then we each take a turn describing the word on the paper. My strategy was to put uncommon words such as "blue orange" or "spoon black" my competitors were frustrated at the difficulty of my words. I found it all too amusing until I couldn't remember what I had written down, thus giving up my advantage.

Last thing I will mention was watching scary movies with the three oldest grandchildren and Ben. Lets just say I had to fill everyone in on what was going on because I was the only one who wasn't too scared to watch ;) All thats left to say is that Christmas needs to come soon so the fun can continue.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


What is bad timing? Being in love with someone, getting over it, and then they are in love with you? Or is bad timing that one girl who was born in the 90's but dresses like and wishes she were born in the 50's? This week I definitely learned that the root of all problems is timing. If there is a time and place for everything then if something goes wrong it is simply "timing" that should get the blame.

I finally got an interview to volunteer at the hospital. The interview was at 3. I had a paper due in class at 4 so I had emailed my teacher the paper and was prepared to be late for class. I get to the hospital and find the volunteer office. I confidently go up to the lady at the desk and announce my arrival with my name. She looks up, with a confused look on her face then looks down at her papers. "Daniel was your name?" After an awkward silence of 20 seconds she looks up again and says, "Your appointment isn't today. It is in a week." I hear some snickers from the peanut gallery sitting behind me. I had passed 3 guys on the way in who were probably there for the exact same reason that I was. I responded with a laugh and explained that I was just trying to get a feel for the place. You can never be too prepared right? The lady was nice and told me she was excited to see me in a week. I would have felt dumb but I was too busy being bummed that she had already seen my good-first-impression shirt. So if someone tells you you can never be too early to an interview they wrong.

On Tuesday my apartment had cleaning checks. They are always in the afternoon while I am in class. As I do every Tuesday, and every other day of the week, I woke up, ate breakfast, brushed my teeth, went running, did 79 pull-ups, 321 push ups, and then took a shower. I am changing in my room when I hear a knock on my bedroom door. I respond yea? And the door opens. A hand, of what looked like to be a 40 year old lady with some shiny bracelets was on the door knob. I am not sure though because my instincts acted before my brain could process what was going on. I yelped "Ahhhhh!" and pushed the door closed. She didn't say anything but she did respond by slamming the door to the outside of the apartment. She was out of here before you could say "whoa, that was really bad timing." After fully clothing myself I came out and saw that we had passed the cleaning check. I have considered purposefully doing this again to get out of my cleaning check but it isn't worth a dirty apartment.

Friday, November 9, 2012

This week...

Having a blog sure makes me realize how little I do differently week to week. I remember as a missionary I would sit down and start typing as fast as a could and never be able to get everything in. This week I am scraping by to reach the minimum... I am apposed to disclaimers in sacrament meeting so I should probably stay true to myself in my blog. 

Obama was elected again... I got to Lone Peak with Spencer before seven and waited in line for an hour. I can't believe how young teenagers really are. By no means am I old but I think I am officially over feeling like I just got out of the world class high school. 

Dad reminded me why he is such a stalwart. By the time he came to vote the line was probably 2 hours long. We were in front. Of course he was greeting everyone in line (because he knows everyone in this community).  Had he been wearing a suit you would have thought he was running for president. I told Spencer that even if we offered him to stand with us he would refuse. I walked up and put my arm around him. Proudly claiming him. I told him we saved him a spot. He politely declined saying, "I feel like that would be dishonest." I knew it! 

Five girls got their mission calls today in my ward. I think seven more are coming this week. I am pretty sure for the first time YSA wards at BYU will be two guys to every girl. It is really exciting though! Last news of the week. I finally got an interview to volunteer at the hospital and my volleyball team lost our final game of the season. We are 0-5. Don't worry. We are saving all of our wins for the tournament. GO RAPTORZ! RARRRR.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I don't ever feel awkward...

Usually I write on Sunday nights but this week enough has happened to fill up the post.

I talked to a few friends last week or the week before about how I usually don't feel awkward. I now have an experience that I can retell when asked about any awkward experiences. (During our discussion a girl shared an experience about how she walked in on a honey mooning couple; it was the most awkward story I have heard... but that is her story.)

Ok I have two experiences. The first one isn't awkward just funny. So I go to FHE everything normal. Later a girl comes late and I notice that she is wearing a sweatshirt that I have. No biggy. All of my winter clothes are still at home in my room. With in two seconds of being in the door she shouts across the room, "hey we have the same sweatshirt!" How would she know that? I look down and see that I have the exact same hoody on.  As everyone turns to look at me I turn red. Don't worry she calmed things over by saying, "oh, don't worry this is a boy hoodie, it used to be my brothers." 

I saw her in church on Sunday. I have been waiting for the opportunity to say "oh I have that shirt" as a joke. She was wearing a dress and I really didn't want to go there. 

Ok now to the real story. Yesterday I go to Kneaders. I had a call in order. I kneaded to be in and out of there quick! I get to the window and the girl (Arlynn Robinson) opens the window says hey and says "that will be $7.72"  I give her my debit card with a polite smile, the kind you would give an old friend that is getting your dinner. She gives me the card back and says have a good night then shuts the window. Frustrated I am thinking. Where is my sandwich!?! I honk my horn and she doesn't respond; she is too busy helping other people. What the heck? I am hungry! 3 minutes later she turns around and opens the window, "uhhh can I help you?" her raised eyes saying more than her words.  I confidently respond "Yea, what about the sandwich?" More confidently and unamused she responded, "I gave it to you." I looked to the passenger seat and there she was, my turkey bacon, avocado on ciabata bread. Then came that moment when I could honestly whisper under my breath "AWKWARD!" I looked over laughed and put the pedal to the metal. I still think I am red.